What's it all About?

You like developing and/or designing websites for people, but sometimes the content gets delayed.

You love social media and want to post regularly, but you’re not sure what to say.

You want to blog, but don’t want to lose your voice if you hire someone else to write for you.

You need someone who can review your content or copy and still make it sound like you.

That is what I do!

My name is Elaina and I love writing! Also, I love helping businesses get their websites completed and launched sooner by helping them write their content. In addition, I help people find their voice so they can reach their dream clients and customers as well as achieve their business goals. 

For 20 plus years, I have essentially been writing content and copy for a variety of companies during that time; from different levels of Government to the Private Sector and industries such as commercial real estate, property management, and municipal governments. Writing documents like job procedures, newsletters, brochures, posters, reports and proposals, forms and letters to name a few. If it is a business document, I have likely written, reviewed or created it.

Having served the public in many different roles and helping departments within companies to communicate effectively and clearly, have been the greatest sources of joy for me over the years.

Life is hard enough, writing shouldn’t make it harder.

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Mission: Ineya Content Management (ICM) helps Web Developers/Designers get paid faster by helping their clients get the needed content to them sooner.

The Person Behind ICM

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Elaina moved to the Vancouver area in British Columbia in 1997 where she currently lives with her husband, Joseph.

A few years ago, Elaina started thinking about how she could use her sales (10+ years) and administrative (20+ years) skills to support herself and help other small businesses.

With a passion for writing and the English language (and it's many challenges) as well as her TESL certification, Elaina enjoys helping those with limited English skills to be heard and understood.  In addition, she has a desire to help people fit in and connect with the community around them.

This is how Ineya Virtual Admin Services (IVAS) was born, which has now become Ineya Content Management (ICM).

What though is Ineya or who is Ineya? And how do you pronounce it?

Ineya (in-eh-ya) is Elaina's last name (Ayeni) spelled backward.  Ayeni is a Yoruba name from Nigeria that means "befitting companion". Thus making Ineya Content Management a good companion for your business.


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Elaina's administrative experience includes working with the public sector at the Federal and Municipal level. In addition, while in the private sector she has worked in such industries as property management, commercial real estate, oil and gas, and retail sales. Additional experience includes working with various temporary and employment agencies.

Software skills

> Windows - Vista, 7, 8, & 10

> MS Office - including Publisher, OneNote & Visio

> WordPerfect, Quattro Pro

> Google - Docs, Slides & Sheets

> Adobe Suite, InDesign CS3 & CS5.5

Other Skills and Qualifications

> Customer Service
> Prioritizing and organizing
> Writing and proofreading
> Attention to detail

Certifications and Education

> Tesol Certification
> Plan reading course (BCIT)
> Public works course (BCIT)

Associations, Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce

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